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Insomniac on Spider-Man: "Our Peter Parker's a little different"

This all has to do with one particular piece of artwork.

If you weren't aware, a piece of artwork from Insomniac's Spider-Man showing Peter Parker's bedroom was recently included in the Into The Pixel collection of video game pictures, and we asked chief brand officer Ryan Schneider about that at E3, who explained that it tells us a lot about Parker himself.

"Well you don't have Spider-Man without Peter Parker first and foremost, and our Peter Parker's a little different, like he's graduated college, he's got a job, he's not very tidy," he explained. "Spider-Man is the master of his craft, he's been doing this for eight years since the origin story that we all know about, but Peter Parker is still Peter Parker. He's just trying to pay the bills, his love life is all over the map, his career is just getting started, and he's just trying to figure out how to manage these relationships in his life."

"So on the one hand he's at the height of his game, and on the other he's just trying to figure it all out, and that's evidenced in that great piece that won the award for Into The Pixel."

Do you like seeing the Peter Parker side of Spider-Man in games?