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Resident Evil 2

Capcom on RE2 Remake combat: "It's not Resident Evil 4"

The over-the-shoulder perspective doesn't mean the approach has changed.

Resident Evil 2's remake has just won the award for best game at E3, and in fact we got to talk to developers Yoshiaki Hirabayashi and Tsuyoshi Kanda at the show when we were there, during which time we asked about the combat in the game and the approach the team are taking.

"I really want to make sure that everyone knows that just because the game is in an over-the-shoulder perspective, a third-person perspective, it's not RE4," Harabayashi explained. "RE4 was over-the-shoulder but at a conceptual level it was designed to be more of a shooter game, so you had plenty of ammo and you were constantly moving forward through the gameplay, but Resident Evil 2, the new game, it is over-the-shoulder but in terms of gameplay experience it's a classic survival horror like Resident Evil 1 to 3 - the originals - were. Going to that perspective doesn't just mean the gameplay's going to be Resident Evil 4 style, and that's reflected in the combat as well. It's more of an old-school style than a Resident Evil 4 style shooter."

"That means that of course the combat features heavy resource management style of classic survival horror games," Kanda added. "You're not gonna have that many bullets, so you're gonna have to decide for every zombie you meet: do you wanna take it on and fight or do you wanna run away and strategically save your bullets for another time? It's also got that backtracking, Metroidvania style of exploration in from the old games, so the combat style is definitely more the classic mould."

"The combat will be tense but satisfying, so even though we're saying it's not a shooter we do want you to have satisfying shooting when you do use your gun, so whenever you aim at a zombie and take out the right body parts or aim at the right parts of it, it'll be very difficult and it'll almost be a tense procedure every time you do it," Harabayashi continued. "But if you can get it right, I think you'll be very satisfied having pulled off a good shot, so you don't need to worry about it not being fun to do."

Are you glad to hear that it's not aligned with Resident Evil 4's style of combat?

Resident Evil 2