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Code Vein

Mia Karnstein introduced to Code Vein with new trailer

There's one more thing to look forward to before the September release.

  • Text: Jonas Mäki

There have been plenty of rumours saying Bloodborne 2 is coming our way, but while those are unconfirmed and pretty much all speculation for now, we have Project Vein and Bandai Namco's Code Vein to look forward to, offering a similar experience when it's released for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on September 28.

We've now received a new Japanese trailer for the title that gives us a better introduction to one of the characters we'll get to meet in the game, namely Mia Karnstein. She's an AI companion that assists the protagonist in the game, and for more on her you can watch the full thing below.

Is Code Vein getting your blood pumping?

Code Vein