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Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Kingdom Come: "It would make sense to continue Henry's story"

"There's a lot of stuff coming, we would like to keep the game alive."

This week Warhorse Studios released a free Hardcore mode for Kingdom Come: Deliverance, but the studio is also hard at work on a number of premium DLC packs for the game.

"So the first big DLC will be From the Ashes because people were asking 'I want to rebuild a village, I want to be the mayor of a town', which you can do now," Warhorse's Tobias Stolz-Zwilling told Gamereactor during E3. "So in From the Ashes, you will take care of the village which got destroyed in the game. You will rebuild it, you will have to take care of the wages of the people, you will decide which buildings will be built, those buildings will create unique items for you. If you build, I don't know, the stables, then there will be new, unique horses and armour and stuff."

"So I recommend to play a new game and then add it to your game because this village will then provide you with benefits for the entire game. You need to take care that you don't lose too much reputation so you need to make sure that the people are paid properly. If you lose too much reputation Sir Divish will come and say "You do a bad job" and he will take the village again. So it's a lot of management there.

Players will even have to "become a judge, so there are people have troubles and you have to decide who is right and who's wrong, and this will have some impact on the village and so on. So I think that's pretty interesting."


Players can expect three story-DLC drops and each of them which will offer 10 hours or more of gameplay according to Stolz-Zwilling. From the Ashes can "easily blow up to 20" depending on what happens in-game, however.

Future DLCs were also mentioned and in one of them you're going to be able to play as Theresa and tackle a chain of quests in A Woman's Lot. Players can also expect modding tools, so "if you want that dragon in Kingdom Come, now is the chance to actually add it". And the fan-requested tournament mode is also on the way, but alas there'll be no jousting.

The studio is happy with the reception that the game has enjoyed, with over one million copies sold so far. With that being the case, the planned story DLCs will "most likely" be released within the next year, and altogether there should be four premium DLCs and four or five free updates (such as the recently released Hardcore mode). A GOTY edition of the game was also mentioned.

"Then, of course, it would make sense to continue with the story of Henry in some way, but we'll see about that," Stolz-Zwilling teased. "First we need to take care of Kingdom Come. We love it, that's why we add so much new gameplay [...] There's a lot of stuff coming, we would like to keep it alive."

Kingdom Come: Deliverance