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Mario Tennis Aces

Watch some Mario Tennis Aces gameplay on Pro level

The game is tricky, but it feels good once you've mastered it.


As we warned you in our review, Mario Tennis Aces is accessible at first (as expected) but can get really demanding when just a little mistake or bad timing means game, set, and match for your rival. It's all about focusing and nailing the many new special moves, and sometimes you just have to be lucky.

Here you can watch a match on Pro difficulty level (above that there's only Ace level); a challenge we'd only recommend once you've played for 3-5 hours:

Besides, online mode just got updated and includes both Tournament (that's how you unlock new characters monthly) and Free Play. Here's a very tight match we've captured online, with very little lag:

Mario Tennis Aces released on the Nintendo Switch today. Will you be getting it?

Mario Tennis Aces

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