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Pro Evolution Soccer 2019

More than 40 stadiums in PES 2019

Camp Nou and Allianz Parque are among the exclusives.

Konami may have lost the Champions League license, but the content in Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 keeps growing. Seven new licensed leagues, more legends, and a few more premium teams are joining in for the new game. Gamereactor just learned that this there will be an expanded number of stadiums available at launch.

Starting August 30, players will find more than 40 arenas to choose from, when last year it eventually reached 39. Some of these stadiums will be featured exclusively in PES 2019, like F.C. Barcelona's Camp Nou and Palmeiras' Allianz Parque in Brazil. We still don't know how many of them are real ones and how many are original creations by Konami.

Another promoted feature of PES 2019 is the return of the popular snow weather effect. Konami told us snow drops will occur just in places where it belongs. For example, we will see the white version of Anfield since it can snow there, but not in Barcelona, so the Camp Nou won't change in the winter. This is just one of the weather and climate changes available in the new entry of the football game.

Gamereactor will share exclusive gameplay videos later in the day.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2019