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Rare happy to see Battletoads return but focused on new IP

Dlala Studios will be re-creating the cult-classic.

We recently discussed the return of Battletoads with Rare studio head Craig Duncan at E3 and the developer's involvement with the series.

It seems the team will only have a supportive role in the development of the new Battletoads after receiving what they describe as an "amazing" pitch from UK-based dev team, Dlala Studios. It's clear that Rare is busy working on Sea of Thieves but they will be helping Dlala bring the Battletoads back to life.

"Rare's very much focussed on new IP and Sea of Thieves, and that's what we do," Duncan told Gamereactor. "And you know we'll help them, it's Rare, it's one of our franchises."

The announcement didn't come with much information about the game, but we expect to hear more in the coming months.