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PS4 Fortnite accounts are banned on Switch

And people aren't very happy out it.

  • Text: Jonas Mäki

We've already reported on the hassles some people have had with crossplaying Fortnite on the Switch, as it is possible to play with and against all formats, all except PlayStation 4. This is mainly a problem for PlayStation 4 players as they can't use their accounts elsewhere, but it turns out Sony's rules are tougher than some expected.

Even if you're a PC or smartphone player and you've logged in just the once on PlayStation 4 - perhaps to show a friend something or whatnot - that account is forever banned from being used on Switch (and Xbox One). Many people are complaining about this and have taken to the official forums, Resetera, and social media to complain about it. One user writes:

"This is the fucking worst. Fuck you, Sony. Because I played on a PS4 (on an account that I mainly play on PC, and is cross-platform compatible with the Switch), I can't play on Switch. I would gladly un-link my PS4 from my account if it meant I could play on Switch."

Another players writes on Twitter:

".@PlayStation, fix this. Not allowing me to sign-in to Fortnite Switch with my Epic account because it's linked to PS4 is tone deaf and points more to fear than market dominance. It does the opposite of what you want -- it makes me think about moving to Xbox for Fortnite."

IGN got a comment from Nintendo regarding this matter, as some Switch owners simply cannot continue to use their accounts and must need to create a second one:

"We embrace working with a developer and enabling them to bring their vision to life and whether that's Fortnite, whether that's a number of the other games that have cross-platform play on our console, from a developer standpoint that's what we want. And we work hard with them to bring that to life. What competitors do is their decision to make. We believe being both developer-forward and fan-forward is in the best interest of the game."

What do you think of this solution and how it has been handled?