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Pro Evolution Soccer 2019

Adam Bhatti runs us through the key pillars of PES 2019

We've also got a video preview from LA.

PES 2019's International Brand Manager Adam Bhatti is someone we've spoken to a lot in the past about the footballing franchise from Konami, and this year is no different, as at E3 we spoke to him about the key pillars of the game, and what their priorities are this time around.

"There's a number of them but I think the main four is the fact that we're really trying to push the consoles, we're really trying to push Fox Engine this year and give the game a brand new look, authentic look, photorealism," he said. "So we've gone for PS4, Xbox One, and PC (Steam) only - we had PS3 and Xbox 360 last year. This has just allowed us to focus on the power and the memory of the new machines, maximise PS4 Pro, Xbox One X for example, and if you've got a really nice PC it's going to look amazing."

"I think the second thing is, everyone's talking about our new licenses. So we've had a shift of direction and we've announced seven new leagues already, and we've got a lot more to come. There's my favourite - as a football fan I've always wanted a football game to come out at the start of a season; you're really hyped, you see the transfers going on."

"And then finally, a lot of people have seen Beckham, we've been using Beckham quite a lot. Legend players is really important to us. We've got a lot more to announce - we've announced Beckham and Romário as exclusive, but we've got so many legend players to announce as well."

"And you talk about key pillars and I imagine there's so much more. We've redone MyClub, we've started a new three-year plan for Master League as well - there's just so much going on."

We also asked later on about partnerships, especially the one with Schalke 04, but it turns out that's not all. "We have a tour from mid-July to mid-August and we're gonna be announcing so many more partners there," Bhatti explained.

For more on the game check out the video preview below and the full interview. Does all of this sound like a recipe for a great game?

Pro Evolution Soccer 2019