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Steam is getting lots of all-new chat features

Beta testers can check out the new stuff now.

  • Text: Mike Holmes

Valve has just confirmed that Steam users can look forward to all-new chat features, and those who sign up for the beta can access them right now.

The news comes via this post where it was revealed that all players will soon get a new and easier to organise friends list, as well as new chat and voice chat features that will apparently make for a richer chat experience.

Players will be able to save groups, promote their favourites to the top of the pile, add images and GIFs to conversations, enjoy better quality audio, and it can even be accessed via a web browser.

Apparently, it's going to make things "easier and more fun to game with friends", and that can't be a bad thing in our humble opinion. Follow the link for more info, and you can sign up for the beta at the same time if you want to check out the changes today.