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Death Stranding

You'll be getting dragged around by rivers in Death Stranding

Hideo Kojima says Death Stranding is the opposite of Super Mario.


During an interview with PlayStation Live, Hideo Kojima revealed a few more tidbits regarding the Death Stranding gameplay that was shown during Sony's E3 presser. While talking about how the original Super Mario influenced him, and how the gameplay in Super Mario Bros. keeps getting faster and allowing the player to jump higher, Death Stranding will be the opposite.

Kojima wants to slow the player down, to make him work as he traverses the environment, and that means the player will be tripping on stones, falling over, and even getting dragged by the currents as they wade through rivers, all while Norman Reedus carries those mysterious boxes around (we still have no idea what they are).

It seems environmental traversal will play a great role in Death Stranding, as will stealth, Kojima's signature gameplay trait. You can watch examples of both in the newest trailer.

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