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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will feature all previous characters

"It has the most smash for your buck."

  • Text: Kieran Harris

We received a ton of details about Super Smash Bros. Ultimate during Nintendo's E3 Conference tonight with perhaps the biggest of the announcements being that all playable characters who have ever featured in a Smash Bros. title (whether DLC or base game content) will make an appearance. We also learned about some of the stages that will be coming to the game and an official release date was announced.

The full list of characters includes (deep breath!): Mario, Samus, Kirby, Bowser, Link, Donkey Kong, Fox, Falco, Marth, Zelda, Sheik, Villager, Meta Knight, Mewtwo, Sonic, Peach, Pikachu, Ice Climbers, Inkling, Captain Falcom, Squirtle, Charizard, Ivysaur, Zero Suit Samus, Wii Fit trainer, Ness, Lucas, Ryu, Ganondorf, Ike, Cloud, Snake, Jigglypuff, Pichu, Roy, Diddy Kong, Ollmar, Lucario, Lucina, Robin, Bayonetta, Mr. Game & Watch, Greninja, Dr.Mario, Rob, Duck Hunt, Pit, Dark Pit, Paluna, Corrin, Bowser Jr., Toon Link, Young Link, King Dedede, Rosalina and Luma, Mii Brawler, Mii Gunner, Mii Sword Fighter, Wario, Little Mac, Pac-Man, Daisy, Shulk, Wolf, Yoshi, Luigi and Mega Man.

More than 50 supporting characters are also said to appear in the game with Nintendo only revealing a handful (including Bewear, Bomberman, and Midna).

Inkling was also revealed to be joining the roster and it was noted that inked opponents will take more damage. They also revealed the character's special weapons which will be available as smash attacks and special attacks. They included ink brush, splat bomb, splat roller and the final smash killer wail. It notes that with your character ink will drain over time so you'll have to shield yourself and mash the B button to replenish it. Inkling Boy also debuts and all eight different inklings featured within the game have their own outfits and ink colour so that all players will look distinctive if they select the same character.

We also learned that eight-player battles would be making a return, that online may be coming in the future, and that more Pokémon and items will be coming to the game. The showcase also went through each fighter and provided details on their updated appearances and finishing smashes.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Among the more interesting changes is that Mario will sport a look taken from Super Mario Odyssey with Cappy by his side, and you now play as both male and female Pokémon trainers and there's no penalty from switching between Pokémon.

It was stated during the reveal that the changes that have been made to the characters and stages could number in the tens of thousands.

Some classic stages revealed to be featured within the game are : Prism Tower, Spear Pillar, Green Greens, Mario Galaxy, Midgar, Kongo Falls, Lylat Cruise, Princess Peaches Castle, Spirit Train, Frigate Orpheon, Green Hill Zone, New Pork City, Wrecking Crew, Tortimer Island, Moray Towers and Great Plateau Tower.

All of these stages have been enhanced for the Nintendo Switch and support battlefield and omega forms.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate is set to launch exclusively on the Nintendo Switch on December 7, 2018.