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No Fortnite crossplay between PS4 and Switch

Sony stays consistent on its crossplay position.

  • Text: Jonas Mäki

Fortnite was released for Switch today, with the news revealed during Nintendo's E3-flavored Direct. Fortnite has been one of the games that supports crossplay between the various formats, except for PlayStation 4. Shortly after the announcement of Switch Fortnite, a gamer asked Nick Chester from Epic Games on Twitter if it supported crossplay as well, and if so which formats it was possible to play against. Chester replied:

"Xbox One, PC, Mac, and mobile."

The Verge reports that this causes a lot of extra hurdles for people having more than one console, as your PSN username is connected to your Epic account. That means PlayStation 4 gamers can't continue their weekly progress and unlocking things from a Switch (or Xbox One) and have to keep using the same platform.

Fortunately, there is full crossplay between PC, smartphones, Switch and Xbox One. Hopefully, Sony will change their mind regarding this topic sooner rather than later as it limits things a little for PlayStation 4 users.