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Fire Emblem: Three Houses

Fire Emblem: Three Houses coming to Switch

Spring release confirmed for the next entry in the series.

  • Text: Mike Holmes

Fire Emblem is heading to the Switch after the next game in the series - which carries the subtitle Three Houses - was among the titles announced during the Nintendo's E3 livestream event earlier this evening. We even got to see some gameplay as part of the reveal.

It's Fire Emblem and that's why it looks like there's going to be an emphasis on building relationships with your friends and then taking them into tactical combat scenarios. Both staple parts of the FE formula and, by the looks of it, both very much on the menu once again, except this time the scale of the battles seem to have increased somewhat.

Check out the trailer below where you can see the new gameplay elements in more detail. Fire Emblem: Three Houses is coming in spring 2019, and no doubt we'll find out more about the next entry in the series in due course.