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Alex Hunter's Journey ends in FIFA 19

"We always had it planned as a trilogy."

When we talked to FIFA 19's Matthew Prior and Sam Rivera at EA Play about the upcoming FIFA 19, Prior happened to mention in passing that the Champions League will come to Alex Hunter's final Journey outing, so we asked for a little more information about the story.

"So that's all that we can reveal at this event, that it is the end of a trilogy, which we always had it planned as a trilogy, because one of the things we wanted to showcase was the various levels of football," he explained. "So we started with his breakout into the professional world of football, Year 2 he spread his wings - MLS, Europe, and now Year 3 he's competing for the ultimate prize in club football, so it's always sort of planned out like that, and we'll have more announcements as we go."

"The Journey's been a massive success, so it'd be great to continue that and obviously with the Champions League as the main narrative focus."

Are you sad to see Hunter's story end?