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FIFA's Matthew Prior: Champions League "a very big deal"

The European competition is returning to FIFA with FIFA 19.

  • Text: Sam Bishop

At EA Play in Los Angeles recently we got to talk with both Sam Rivera and Matthew Prior about FIFA 19, which if you didn't know includes the Champions League after PES lost the rights earlier this year, something that Prior says is important for the franchise.

"It's a very big deal, because we're bringing it back to FIFA - it's been absent for a while and it's been one of the most requested features from our community. We always try to work with our community to get what they want, and for us it's huge because authenticity is a key pillar of FIFA," Prior said. "So when we wanted to bring it back we wanted to bring it back throughout the game, so irrespective of what kind of user you are you can experience the Champions League."

This includes a standalone tournament mode, including the broadcast package, as well as The Journey's third year ("the last of the trilogy of Alex Hunter," as Prior said), and Ultimate Team. What's more is that this doesn't just include the Champions League, but also the Europa League and the Super Cup.

"UEFA do a great job of creating an atmosphere and a brand around the Champions League, you know you hear the iconic anthem and it really takes you there, so we've obviously captured that," Prior added.

Is the Champions League a good addition to the game?