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Anthem: Bioware wants you "to feel like a badass"

We spoke with Cory Butler at EA Play in Los Angeles.

  • Text: Sam Bishop

Anthem was one of the biggest names at EA Play this year, and when we spoke with lead producer Cory Butler the day after the press conference, we asked him about the combat in the game, and Bioware's approach with the Javelin suits players can don in the game.

"We want you to feel super heroic," Butler said. "We want a lot of ability focus around it, like weapons are certainly a big part of it, but these really awesome abilities and gear pieces on these Javelins make it really fun. You hover and fire, multi-mortars coming off of the Colossus' shoulder, so it's really just about that super heroic, larger-than-life... I'm swimming, I'm flying, I'm running, I'm jumping, I'm taking on colossal monsters or hordes of tiny creatures of humanoid scars; we really want you to feel like a badass."

We also asked about how they're making such a huge world interesting, even with the gigantic scale, to which he said:

"That's a great question, and it's a big world that using, but to me it's really about how dense that world is with activities to do. So there'll be story beats that push you along in certain directions and it's also an open world, right, so we want you to go out and explore, find stuff at your own pace, and we have emergent encounters and world events that'll be triggering, so when you go out tomorrow you're not gonna see the same things you'll see when you go out today. There's always going to be a reason to go off the beaten path and see what's going on out there, but really it's just the density of the world and making sure that flying across a large open space with nothing to do besides get to an objective isn't that interesting to us. Having lots of reasons to stop and check stuff out is super interesting."

What do you make of what you've seen of the game so far, both in terms of the combat and the huge world?