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The Elder Scrolls VI

Bethesda teases The Elder Scrolls VI

It's real and they're working on it, but that's all they're saying.

  • Text: Mike Holmes


The Elder Scrolls VI is real and Bethesda is indeed working on it. We also know that there will be land and water and even some buildings in the next chapter of the fantasy RPG series. That's all we know, however, as the teaser trailer that Todd Howard introduced this morning during the company's E3 presser actually told us very little about the game itself. We don't even know when it'll be out and which platforms it will appear on.

That's probably famous last words on our part and Elder Scrolls fans with a more detailed knowledge of the series than us will likely be able to accurately predict the location of the game based on the topography of the landscape or some such witchcraft.

But as far as we can tell (at 4am in the morning) Bethesda is giving nothing away. Check out the teaser for yourselves below and give us your best guesses, and once someone has pieced together all of the clues hiding in plain sight and has revealed a few more details, we'll make sure to share them with you here on Gamereactor.