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Prey getting Mooncrash and Typhon Hunter DLC

Plus three new modes as part of today's update.

  • Text: Mike Holmes


Arkane just dropped a free content update for Prey that includes some new ways to play the game; Story Mode, New Game+, and Survival Mode. The latter "should be an interesting challenge" for hardcore fans according to lead designer Ricardo Bare.

Production director Susan Kath then outlined Mooncrash, a new replayable experience which according to Bare features "enemies, hazards, and loot [that] are all different each time you play." It sounds like Prey is going rogue. The DLC is out now.

The studio also unveiled Typhon Hunter, "a lethal game of hide and seek" where one player goes up against five others playing as mimics (who can disguise themselves as objects, naturally). The multiplayer expansion is coming later this summer.