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A Way Out

Josef Fares: "Just wait till the next thing we do"

"We're actually kickass game developers."

  • Text: Sam Bishop


Founder of Hazelight studio Josef Fares has caught attention in a number of ways, not just regarding the games his studio has created, but when we talked to him at Nordic Game specifically about how A Way Out was received, he says that the growth of the team has been astounding.

"You have to understand with A Way Out - and it's been a massive success, it's crazy - we started at 10 people up to 40, like 70% of the team were interns, just wait till the next thing we do," he told us. "Now we're actually kickass game developers, like the team is becoming better and better, we can make better, bigger games."

"So definitely I think the variety has been rare. You see players play the game and they don't feel tired of the game, they want to continue playing the game, so that's something I'm super proud of, and also the reactions of what happens when they play through the game; that's super awesome to see."

For more on what Fares had to say, including about game length and how many people actually complete them, check out the full interview below. Did you enjoy A Way Out?

A Way Out