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Battlefield V

In Battlefield V "a squad that stays together wins together"

We spoke with Ryan McArthur and Nathalie Ek in London yesterday.

  • Text: Sam Bishop

Battlefield V was revealed in full as part of a livestream late last night, and while there was a general overview presented on said stream, a lot more details were shared with us in private, which we talked about in our extensive preview of the game right here. What's more is that we also got to talk to developers Ryan McArthur and Nathalie Ek, and we asked them about the core pillars that have changed this time around.

"I think one of the pillars is the entire squad play mechanic we have, that we're introducing, and we really want players to play together this time around," Ek told us. "We feel that the right way to play this game is with your squad."

"The squad play mechanic is at the core of the core gameplay system we're enhancing, but we layer on top of that the attrition system, which is a great way to play the game," Mcarthur said. "Players will now depend on each other for ammo, they'll depend on each other for health, they'll be depending on each other consistently to really work together as a team, so it really gives this essence of a squad that stays together wins together."

What helps put this into effect is what DICE calls Scarcity, which means that when you spawn in you'll have a reasonable amount of resources like ammunition and grenades, but you will run out and therefore need to rely on your squad to keep you supplied and stocked. What's more is that you can't heal up to full health on your own any more either, which again makes you rely on your allies to help you in the heat of battle.

We also asked both Ek and McArthur about specific lessons they may have learned from Battlefield 1, to which McArthur said:

"I mean one thing I think we learned from Battlefield 1 when we look at Battlefield V is no more Premium Passes is a really big thing. Our community's really important to us and this is a huge one for us. It's a big win for both the community and it's a big win for the team, in terms of how they invest. How we run our live service is going to be really important, and also how we engage, making sure that things are a lot easier to understand I think with the new assignment system that we built, to really give players motivation to do things, but things that they wanna do, things that fit with the way they play and allow players to dictate the paths they wanna go on rather than the game telling them how to play."

"Battlefield 1 was a great game and a huge step forward for us, and I think we just built off those things in that game we did really, really well and just taken that next step and keep taking it further for players."

What are your initial impressions of Battlefield V?

Battlefield V