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Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Daniel Vavra cancels talk at Gamelab after online insults

He's been the subject of a lot of controversy.

  • Text: Sam Bishop

Kingdom Come: Deliverance's creative director Daniel Vavra was the subject of a lot of controversy earlier this year, a lot of which revolved around his stance on history and politics, and now he's canceled his talk at the Gamelab event this year after the announcement received a lot of criticism and insults.

"I am sorry to inform that @DanielVavra has canceled his talk at #Gamelab2018 after receiving serious insults through social networks. We respect his decision but we are sorry to miss his interesting insights about the development of one of the best European games this year," organiser Iván Fernández Lobo writes.

Will you be in attendance at Gamelab 2018?

Kingdom Come: Deliverance