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ID@Xbox "positive that we'll deliver again" at E3

We talked with Agostino Simonetta recently about the upcoming event.

  • Text: Sam Bishop


ID@Xbox is a program from Microsoft to help indie developers flourish (Cuphead has already been released as part of the program, with games like Below and DayZ coming up), and recently we got a chance to talk to regional lead Agostino Simonetta about what's going to be on offer, especially at E3 next month where it seems we can expect a lot of interesting things.

"I think the standalones are also a way to [recognise] that those are games. They're not just ID@Xbox games, they are games, and we're part of the industry, right," he said. "We talk about the ID@Xbox games, and when you look at the millions and millions of people out there, they're watching the E3 press conference... I'm sure for some of those guys ID doesn't mean much, and they are games. We had tons last year, we're gonna have titles this year, both standalone and montage. I've seen the list overnight and I think you guys are gonna be very excited. I think we're going to be discussing it after E3 and I'm pretty positive that we'll deliver again."

What do you want to see at E3? Or do you just want to be surprised?