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League of Legends

We get more details about League of Legends' Clash mode

Including dates, substitutions, and sudden death mode.

  • Text: Sam Bishop

Just last week we shared with you a preview of League of Legends' new Clash Mode, which brings tournaments to players of all levels, and now developer Riot Games has released an FAQ that goes into great detail about the mode, including sudden death.

This specific feature is included to keep matches at a certain length, as towers become more fragile after an hour of play, and by 65 minutes the structures start to damage themselves at a fixed rate, starting with the towers in order, then inhibitors, then nexus turrets, then the nexus itself. At 70 minutes, then, one team will have won, and although this is very unlikely to happen, Riot says: "we need to give all Clash matches a fixed maximum length." This is probably due to the fact that Clash tournaments are time sensitive in themselves, taking place over a weekend each time.

Substitutes are also discussed, a system which is "intended for emergency swaps. Each sub is on the roster for a single day and is removed from the team when the day concludes. The window for subs opens during the lock in phase. By hovering over a username in the Clash tab, a button will appear allowing the Captain to sub the player out. You can only have one sub, and they have to be within or below your tier." It's also important to note a player can only compete in Clash with one roster at a time, and that you can only sub one player per day.

We also get some insight into when these Clash events will run, and what themes they'll be, as you can see below:

  • May 25-27: Demacia Cup 1

  • June 8-10: Demacia Cup 2

  • June 22-24: Theme 2 Tournament 1

  • July 6-8: Theme 2 Tournament 2

For more on Clash be sure to visit the FAQ. Will you be entering the first edition this weekend?

League of Legends