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Sea of Thieves

Sea of Thieves: The Hungering Deep gets mysterious trailer

The Kraken and sharks aren't the only dangers lurking in the water.


Sea of Thieves had only been out for a few weeks when Rare announced that they would be ready to release the game's first major update, or expansion if you will, in May. They didn't want to reveal much besides that, just that it would include a new threat, cosmetic items, and activities, but now we know exactly when we'll get our hands on the booty.

Rare has given us the first trailer for The Hungering Deep update, and it's just as vague as the first announcement. In the video Merrick tells stories of a mysterious sea creature that has made entire ships and crews disappear, and it seems like the trailer includes a few somewhat hidden details as well. We're told that the creature can be summoned using drums. That fits perfectly with the developers' plans to include new instruments in the future and their statement that the new threat would require crews to "work together to discover and defeat".

We'll see if they want us to discover these secrets on our own, or if we'll get a bit more information before The Hungering Deep arrives on May 29. For now though, has the trailer got you hyped?

Sea of Thieves