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Double Cross

There may be some treachery in 13AM Games' Double Cross

We chat with creative director Alex Rushdy.

  • Text: Bengt Lemne

We had a chance to speak with 13AM Games (Runbow) creative director Alex Rushdy about their next game action-platformer slash interdimensional mystery game. As for the latter part, the LucasArts-style mystery adventure and the story Rushdy had this to say:

"You can go around R.I.F.T. (the headquarters of the interdimensional agency), talk to people, show them the clue and figure out what is this or can you help me with this? And they might be able to turn it into a real piece of evidence that you can use in a case to find this villain. And you've got a notebook where you jot down everything that you learn about people, and some people might believe that, you know, maybe the person who attacked R.I.F.T. is from R.I.F.T. Maybe there's a double cross going on there if you know what I'm saying..."

Double Cross is "definitely" launching before the end of the year, "hopefully" in the third quarter on PC and Nintendo Switch.

Double Cross