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Antigraviator releases on PC on June 6

The console versions will arrive later.


With Wipeout Omega Collection wrapping up the series, and F-Zero MIA, in recent years fans of anti-gravity racing have been enjoying independent alternatives such as Fast RMX or Thumper, and now it's time to give Antigraviator a try.

We told you about the game already as we interviewed studio head Mike Coeck in the video below, but today its been unveiled that Cybernetic Walrus' effort - which is published by Iceberg Interactive - will release on June 6 on PC (both digitally and physically), with PS4 and Xbox One versions planned for later this year.

As with other games in the genre, there's crazy speed, traps, power-ups, and strategic boosts, but the added touch here is that there's no speed limit, so you can go as fast as you want, as long as you keep your ship under control. There'll be a single-player campaign, upgradeable ships, ranked multiplayer, and local split-screen too, so racing fans have a lot to sink their teeth into.

Can this satisfy your craving for anti-gravity racing?