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Divinity: Original Sin II

Divinity: Original Sin II's Definitive Edition detailed

It will debut on consoles, whereas PC users get a free update with tweaks and fixes.


Divinity: Original Sin II was one of our favourite PC Games of last year (as you can tell in our review), and although we knew it would release on consoles in August 2018 as a Definitive Edition - which will be a free update for PC users - Larian Studios has now given more details on the content and tweaks they've been working on since September.

As E3 Judges Week is happening soon, outlets such as PCGamer were privy to some additional info shared by Bandai Namco, publishers for the new version. According to this, the third chapter is receiving a complete overhaul in terms of storytelling and characters, whereas other tweaks and changes include the map (with markers), a new inventory for the party, and a tutorial for new players.

In this regard there'll also be a new difficulty settings, "Sir Lorna the Squirrel" as part of additional DLC, and updates to the multiplayer arena, and if you want more information you can always check out the video below.

Are you going to stick with PC, or get one of the console versions?

Divinity: Original Sin II