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Rage 2

Rage 2 won't have loot boxes

The game-as-a-service model is being considered.


In a stance probably moving away from the loot crates controversy, it looks like Bethesda's 2019 game Rage 2 (which has only just been revealed) will opt for additional content and post-launch services instead, as a hook for multiplayer engagement.

Developer id Software's Tim Willits told a German magazine that there won't be any loot boxes. "Yes, we want people to play Rage 2 even longer," the creative director told GameStar (as translated by Gamereactor Germany) when asked whether they were following the game-as-a-service model. "And we believe we can bring up some fun stuff to ensure just that. However, we'll talk about that in more detail as we move closer to the release of Rage 2."

Then, very clearly, Willits stated that "we will not have Lootboxes [in Rage 2], I can say this for sure. We have this new approach: You buy the game and then you play it."

Jokes aside, it'll be interesting to see how Bethesda understands the games-as-a-service live model for the online aspect, and how differently id Software and Avalanche Studios implement it. What would you hope for?

Rage 2