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Borderlands 3

Borderlands 3 to release next year or early 2020

2K Games expects great results with Gearbox Sofware's crazy shooter.


First we knew it was going to be a no-show at E3 next month, and now we've got a clearer idea of what this actually means for Borderland 3 which, as confirmed by publisher 2K Games, won't launch this year, nor before April 2019, as it's now a FY2020 release.

This was found in yesterday's financial report's management comments by Take-Two, and it goes without saying the game they're referring to:

"The highly-anticipated title from one of 2K's biggest franchises, which had been planned for release during the current fiscal year, is now planned for launch during fiscal 2020 to allow for additional development time. We remain as excited as ever about this title, and expect it to enhance our results next fiscal year."

With this new launch window in mind, and with everyone drawing comparisons to the just-revealed Rage 2, it'll be interesting to see how both games end up looking and playing, and how close they'll be in the calendar.

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Borderlands 3

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