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Project Cars Go

Project Cars enters the mobile market

Coming with licensed vehicles and plenty of customisation.


Gamevil and Slightly Mad Studios have announced that they're working to develop a new Project Cars game, but this is slightly different, as it's called Project Cars Go and is coming to "mobile devices worldwide".

This will be Gamevil's first attempt to developer a mobile racing game, and according to press release, Project Cars Go will feature "a host of licensed vehicles and deep car customization options", so won't be a million miles away from the philosophy of the other games in the series.

As you may know, Project Cars was first released on PC and consoles back in 2015, and since then the game has sold over two million copies. A sequel - Project Cars 2 - was then released back in September 2017.

The developers are promising "an authentic and enjoyable mobile racing game to the masses" with this mobile entry, and we'll have to wait until the unspecified release date to see whether this is true or not.

How well can the game translate to mobile devices?

Project Cars Go