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Lego The Incredibles

Lego The Incredibles has a "huge hub" alongside the story

Here you can fight crime and take down villains.

Lego The Incredibles has recently been announced, bringing the beloved franchise to the Lego world, and while we were in London to see the title recently we spoke with game director Pete Gomer, who talked to us a little bit about how Pixar supported the project.

"The reference was good on this one," he told us. "They send us across scenes, from storyboard up to finished scenes. They send us through loads of reference images. They even send us through some models in certain situations, which was great."

We also enquired as to whether there's been a change of approach in this game considering there's not an entire franchise to go on, but just two films, to which he responded:

"Not really. Basically, you still play through both films - they're quite dense films, so you've got six levels per film, which feels about the right length if you see what I mean. And then on top of that you've got the huge hub you play through as well, so what we've done differently in the hub this time around is we've got these things called Crime Waves. Basically, a district in the city will be taken over by a bad guy, and you'll have to fight crime and solve missions in order defeat that bad guy. Each [...] district culminates in a boss fight against the bad guy, and some of them are characters you'll recognise from the film, like Bon Voyage and Syndrome, and others are our own inventions, which was great."

"But I think what really makes that mode stand out is that they've all got their own little stories, so instead of it just being playing through the hub in quite an unconnected way, it kind of gives it this driving narrative behind it, which I think works really well."

For more on the game be sure to check out the entire interview below, as well as our full preview. Do you like the sound of this hub world?

Lego The Incredibles