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Borderlands 3

Gearbox allegedly not showing Borderlands 3 at E3

Apparently the studio made this fact known to journalists.


A lot of people are expecting Gearbox Software to show Borderlands 3 at this year's E3, but a new rumour has cast doubt upon that, as ResetEra users have shared the fact that a spokesperson for Gearbox Software has allegedly announced "to journalists that there won't be a Borderlands 3 E3 2018 demo", as reported by PlayStation LifeStyle.

This may be true, or it may be an attempt to downplay the leak that recently emerged, but in any case, it's advisable to take this with a grain of salt, and treat it as a mere rumour at this point, especially since details on this so-called announcement are very scarce.

Do you believe it?

Borderlands 3