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Metro Exodus

Metro Exodus delayed until 2019

We will be getting brand new gameplay at E3 though.


Rough and gritty first-person shooter series Metro was supposed to return in the form of Metro Exodus this year, a game revealed at last year's E3 which has since received a lot of buzz, but now plans have changed, as they so often do in this industry of ours.

Deep Silver and 4A Games have announced that Metro Exodus' release window is now Q1 2019, which should mean that we'll get to play the game by the end of March next year. According to the press release, development is going well, and in E3 this June Metro Exodus gets a new gameplay video from "a never before seen game environment".

The decision was apparently taken because "we want everyone to be able to experience what is the most ambitious Metro game to date at its absolute best", which reassures us as to 4A Games' commitment to quality.

Are you disappointed by the news?

Metro Exodus