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Overwatch has surpassed 40 million players

The perfect way to celebrate the upcoming birthday.

  • Text: Eirik Hyldbakk Furu & Markus Hirsilä

Blizzard's successful online hero shooter Overwatch is having its two-year anniversary later this month, and fans are expecting something special, but before that, the development team has something else to share.

Lead designer Jeff Kaplan and his merry crew have released a new developer update in which they reveal that Overwatch has now been played by over 40 million people, meaning that the number has increased by five million since last October. It has also been on sale on many occasions, so perhaps a lot of the increase has to do with that.

Kaplan also hints that a handsome gentleman will have a legendary skin, as demanded many times by the Overwatch community. Maybe Doomfist is getting a proper outfit? We shall see it on May 22 either way.

Are you surprised by these numbers?