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The Division 2

The Division 2 is looking for a Monetisation Designer

The job listing online wants "elegant, fair, and non-disruptive" monetisation.

  • Text: Sam Bishop

The Division 2 was officially revealed back in March, and now a job listing has emerged online for a Monetisation Designer to work on the game, which has obviously caught attention in this day and age where loot boxes and microtransactions are causing a bit of a stir with players.

The job description may assuage some fears though, as whoever takes the role "works within the core design team, collaborating with the other designers, production and programming teams, live operational teams and game analysts to ensure elegant, fair and non-disruptive monetization design." The terms "elegant, fair, and non-disruptive" are nice to see, as it's safe to say not all methods in other games in the past year have been deployed in quite the same way.

The responsibilities are mostly what you'd expect, including to "implement and design monetization related features and content" and being "the champion of a fair and modern, player-first monetization vision", not to mention tracking and reporting data on monetisation. It's also worth noting that this designer will be "collaborating with business operations manager to ensure business needs are considered in the design."

Do you think any of this sounds concerning?

The Division 2