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Crackdown 3

Crackdown 3 is now age-rated in Brazil

Could there be a release date announcement in the coming weeks?

  • Text: Jonas Mäki


Crackdown 3 was announced back in 2014 and seems to have suffered from a troubled development, what with the delays the game has suffered as well as long periods of total silence about it. We have played it on several occasions (the last time being at last year's Gamescom), but Microsoft has still been holding back on confirming a release date, likely due to the fact that the game is going to, or was at least originally planned to, use cloud computing for some very demanding physics that the consoles of today or even PCs simply cannot handle on their own.

The extent of the ambition behind the game still ultimately remains to be seen, but at least now we've gotten a sign that the release date doesn't seem to be too far away, and we should have a release date at E3 at the very latest. Generacion Xbox has discovered that the Brazilian equivalent of PEGI has age-rated the game, and this means that Microsoft is preparing it for launch, and a reasonable guess would be that it is going to be released during the summer.

Microsoft is releasing State of Decay 2 for PC and Xbox One on May 22, and it likely wants at least a month between that launch and Crackdown 3. Crackdown 3 is now being developed by Sumo Digital (Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed, Little Big Planet 3). Do you think they'll manage to deliver a game as fun as the first one?

Crackdown 3
Crackdown 3Crackdown 3
Crackdown 3Crackdown 3Crackdown 3

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