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Dolmen is a "Soulsborne" that offers a mix of ranged and melee

We chat with Massive Work Studios' Pedro Bastos about the current Kickstarter.

  • Text: Bengt Lemne

Dolmen is a new sci-fi game set in the "Soulsborne" genre from Brazilian outfit Massive Works. The team may be new, but there are some veterans on staff and Dolmen slots in nicely in the "iii" category of independently developed games with high production values. We caught up with producer Pedro Bastos at PAX East to learn more about the game.

"In this game we're really hitting heavy on the mix between melee and ranged weapons, explains Bastos. "In the way that your pistol doesn't really do much damage, it will apply debuff on the target. And also we hit heavy on the energy consumption, that is the third bar, the blue one."

The developer is currently pitching their game on Kickstarter, where they have achieved just over 30 percent of their target sum of $90,000. In other words, if you fancy this game they need your help.

Massive Works also recently released a new trailer detailing the creation of a boss found in the game.

What do you think of the concept of a "Soulsborne" title set in an alien world?