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Radical Heights

Bleszinski accuses Epic of poaching his staff

Cliff Bleszinski is not a fan of Epic's hiring practices.


Cliff Bleszinski is calling out his former employer, Epic Games, on Twitter, accusing them of trying to hire away his staff, and trying to squash other Battle Royale-inspired games, like Boss Key's new project, Radical Heights.

In a series of tweets Bleszinski says:

"Hey @epicgames, could you please stop trying to hire away my team? We just launched @Radical_Heights on UE4 and are really happy with how it's going."

"There's room at this genre for more than a few games SMH."

And in reply to another Twitter user he says this: "We have plenty of ways to make it our own but they may never see the light of day if they keep doing this".

Boss Key has had some trouble lately, just two weeks ago they announced that they were putting further development of Lawbreakers on hold, and in December the co-founder of Boss Key Productions, Arjan Brussee, left the company in favour of Epic Games.

It's clear that Bleszinski needs a win, and he isn't keen on Epic "ruining" things for him by allegedly poaching his employees. What do you think of the situation?

Radical Heights