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Pokémon Switch

Pokémon on Switch will introduce the eighth generation

Official Nintendo Magazine suggests new pokémon are coming.

  • Text: David Kers

While we're still waiting on the first real information about Pokémon for the Switch, which was announced by Nintendo during E3 last year, there is a lot of speculation on whether the RPG is taking Pokémon back to its roots or whether it's introducing a whole new region and new pokémon. Now some information from the Spanish Official Nintendo Magazine looks to confirm the latter.

Twitter user Ahnabella posted pictures of the latest issue which suggests that Pokémon on the Switch introduces the "eighth generation of Pokémon". Also, the magazine states that The Pokémon Company and Game Freak want to surprise fans by introducing "new mechanics" to long-running series.

In December last year, another rumour suggested Pokémon on the Switch would use the Unreal Engine 4. Although the magazine is technically an official source, Nintendo itself hasn't officially confirmed any of this and therefore this remains a rumour.

Pokémon Switch

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