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Gamelab 2018 dated, stays in Barcelona

Now supported by Advisory Board featuring Mark Cerny, Mike Sepso, and Ian Livingstone.

After rumors and concerns surrounding Catalonia's current political situation (and given both the timing and the interest shown by other European capitals), it turns out that Gamelab 2018 will be staying in Barcelona, as has always been the desire of the organisers.

As such it'll be the eighth consecutive edition of the international conference to be held in the city, and the fourteenth in Spain since the inception of the event (which has also seen spinoffs in Japan and Uruguay). The dates for this year's conference have been confirmed as June 27-29, and once again it'll take place at Hesperia Tower in L'Hospitalet de Llobregat.

The main news so far is the creation of an Advisory Board, a group of high-profile professionals from different fields within the industry that includes several people who have been Gamelab speakers in the past. As announced by the organisers, Gamelab's Conference Advisory Board members include: Mark Cerny (PlayStation 4 Lead Architect), Rami Ismail (Indie Developer Ambassador, Vlambeer), Mike Sepso (MLG Founder, VP Activision Blizzard), David Helgason (Unity Technologies Founder), Dean Takahashi (Gamesbeat Lead Writer), and Ian Livingstone (Tomb Raider, Ian Livingstone CBE).

This year's topics and guest speakers haven't been announced yet, although the usual offering of talks, roundtables, and discussions is expected, along with an indie area and the Spanish industry awards. Tickets will go on sale in the next few days.

Gamereactor will once again be official media partners with Gamelab 2018, providing you with the best coverage of the event, including video interviews with the main speakers.