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Battlefield V

The reveal of the next Battlefield looks imminent

Bad Company 3, or is it going to be something else?

After multiple rumours regarding the next Battlefield game surfaced at the start of last month, it looked like an official reveal was imminent. However, after those earlier rumblings, things went rather quiet. Until now, that is.

Randy Evans, senior video and media director/editor for DICE, has started up the converstation once again, this time after he posted a response to someone who was asking about the trailer. Over on Twitter Evans wrote that he is looking at the reveal trailer for the new Battlefield right now: "It's right in front of me ;)" he teased.

It's still unclear what the new Battlefield game will be. Can we expect Battlefield: Bad Company 3 or Battlefield V set in World War II? In February, Evans confirmed that work on the trailer was underway. While we're still waiting for the official announcement, it looks to be edging ever closer. The question is, what do you hope it will be?

Battlefield V