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Bioshock 4

Report: There's a new Bioshock in the works

Development underway at "top-secret" studio.

  • Text: Mike Holmes


According to a new report published just yesterday, there's a new Bioshock game in the works.

The intel comes via Kotaku, where reporter Jason Schreier uncovered the development of a successor to Bioshock Infinite while researching an article about the development of Mafia III and studio Hangar 13.

Apparently, the "top-secret" studio is located close to Hangar 13 in California. According to the report, the new studio has recruited a small team of select developers, a reaction to the lengthy and expensive development of Infinite. According to Schreier, some Hangar 13 devs looking to relocate after the launch of Mafia III wanted to join them, although it sounds like most of them were unable to find positions.

Not much else is known about this still unannounced project - code-named Parkside - but the publisher's commitment to Bioshock has been mentioned before, with CEO Strauss Zelnick previously calling it an important franchise for 2K. That being the case, there's a good chance that this report is legitimate, and we await more news with interest.

Bioshock 4

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