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Radical Heights

Radical Heights has more players than Lawbreakers ever did

And that's after a matter of days.


Boss Key Productions launched their long-awaited shooter Lawbreakers in August last year, and it's safe to say it didn't resonate with players as expected. The game wasn't bad, but the player count was dismal, hence why when the studio released Battle Royale game Radical Heights a few days ago they were probably hoping for better fortunes, which is exactly what they got.

It turns out more people are playing Radical heights than Lawbreakers ever managed, as at the time of writing the all-time peak for the amount of players playing Radical Heights is 12,314 (according to Steam Charts), while the same peak for Lawbreakers is 7,482 (according to Steam Charts).

It's doubtful that Radical Heights will reach the... heights of PUBG or Fortnite, but at least it looks like Boss Key Productions now has a better start for their game than they did with Lawbreakers. Do you think Radical Heights is better than Lawbreakers though?

Radical Heights

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