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Lego The Incredibles

The Incredibles Lego game teased once more

Gamereactor can confirm that this is real.

  • Text: Sam Bishop

There have been rumblings about a Lego video game adaptation of The Incredibles a number of times in the past, and now insider Liam Robertson has taken to Twitter to share what appears to be a promotional picture of the game, featuring all of the Incredibles family in Lego form.

This is far from an official confirmation, but the picture does look genuine and convincing, and lists PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One as the platforms, so perhaps we'll get an official announcement sooner rather than later. Is The Incredibles something you'd like to see in Lego format?

Update: Gamereactor can now confirm that the game is real and on its way.

Lego The Incredibles