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Monster Hunter: World

Dante joins Monster Hunter: World

Devil May Cry's demon hunter joins Capcom's new hit, as the DMC collection arrives on PC and consoles.


Dante is the latest guest star joining Monster Hunter: World. Well, kinda, since it's not actually Dante, but his suit and weapons, suitable for both male and female characters. New "hellish foes" will be added to the game, and players will need to defeat in order to get the Force Edge and Alastor blades. They will work as a Charge Blade, but instead of uniting a shield and a blade, players will be combining the two swords.

The trailer also shows Dante (or a male character that looks like him?) using his signature pistols, Ebony and Ivory. There's still no details on when this content will be released, but Capcom asked players to "stay tuned". As for Dante, you can also check him out on his own Devil May Cry HD Collection, just released for PC, PS4, and Xbox One (which you can read about here).

Monster Hunter: World