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David Jaffe was working on "Twisted Metal with superheroes"

The project was cancelled because of Marvel's game based on The Avengers.

  • Text: David Kers

Game designer David Jaffe (God of War, Twisted Metal) has revealed a cancelled game that he was working on at his own studio, The Bartlet Jones Supernatural Detective Agency. On Twitter Jaffe posted art and details of a game that he describes as "Twisted Metal with superheroes".

According to Jaffe, the project was cancelled after the team became aware Marvel was making a games on The Avengers: "Once we discovered Marvel was making The Avengers we were like, 'Nah, they'll have a battle mode' so we killed it. Still- it was fun to work on", Jaffe wrote.

The Bartlet Jones Supernatural Detective Agency's last released game was Drawn to Death, after which the developer was hit by major lay-offs. You can take a look at the art from the cancelled game below.