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Cities: Skylines

Cities: Skylines has sold 5 million copies on PC

Blockbusting city builder celebrates 3 years on the market.

  • Text: Bengt Lemne

Developer Colossal Order and publisher Paradox Interactive are celebrating three years with Cities: Skylines on PC, Mac, and Linux this week and also confirmed that these versions of the game combine for a massive 5 million copies sold. Over these years, developer Colossal Order has released over 1,000 additional features for the game, a number dwarfed by the 144,000 mods players have contributed.

To celebrate the anniversary and the milestone Cities: Skylines is getting some Surviving Mars-themed content in the shape of buildings and a radio station, no doubt to help raise awareness of Paradox Interactive's next release Surviving Mars (due out on PC, PS4, and Xbox One on March 15), and Cities: Skylines will get an extra 10% off on a Steam pre-order.

Cities: Skylines is also available on PS4 and Xbox One, which should carry the total tally a bit higher (if not a lot higher) than the 5 million on PC.

Cities: Skylines