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Z1 Battle Royale

H1Z1 goes free-to-play

Those who've already paid get some in-game goodies.

Right at the end of February Daybreak Game Company's H1Z1 launched in full with a new game mode, and now we've got the rather surprising news today that from 10:00 PT today (18:00 GMT) you'll be able to get the game for no cost as H1Z1 goes free-to-play.

"We are very excited to announce that H1Z1 will be free to play starting today. Not only does this decision allow us to share our version of Battle Royale and Auto Royale with even more players, but it signifies the next step in making H1Z1 a must-watch esport. The Pro League is going to redefine esports when it kicks off in Las Vegas this April, and whether a person is an aspiring pro athlete or just wants to play with friends, we want everyone to have the chance to play the most competitive battle royale game," commented Anthony Castoro, H1Z1 General Manager.

For those who have already purchased the game, you'll be getting the H1Z1 Appreciation Pack, including a Gasrunner Hoodie, Bloom Survivor t-shirt, Splinter Camo ARV, 10 Victory Crates, and 10,000 skulls. What's more is that the team has added Bronze, Silver, and Limited Edition Gold Battle Royale packs for the launch, so the game is continuing to change.

Do you think the decision to move to free-to-play is a good one?

Z1 Battle Royale