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Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Kingdom Come: Deliverance patch coming soon

Although Warhorse isn't exactly sure when.

  • Text: Mike Holmes

We liked Kingdom Come: Deliverance when we played it for review, but despite offering a range of interesting and absorbing features, there's no denying the fact that it launched in a buggy, unfinished state. Developer Warhorse Studios has promised an update to fix some of the more significant problems, however, the patch is yet to land and there's no concrete date for when players can expect to see it.

Company boss Daniel Vavra wrote as much on Twitter, explaining how "patch 1.3 was delayed few days as you may have noticed. We are still testing it as we dont want to rush it and cause more bugs. ETA is this week (ASAP) on PC + few days for certification on consoles. Patch will add Save&Quit and fix tons of quest related bugs."

In a follow up message Vavra confirmed that the update would improve optimisation "a little bit" and that it would be further optimised in a subsequent patch. The studio chief also hinted at further storylines involving love interest Theresa: "I have some plans for her and its little bit unfinished now," he wrote in response to someone.

Vavra's explanation was posted yesterday and was a follow up to a slightly older message from the official studio Twitter, which stated that they couldn't "guarantee any specific date when is the patch going to be available for download, it depends on many factors."

Kingdom Come: Deliverance